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Linky Foldable Electric Longboard with Carrying Backpack

Retail - $999

Designed in Italy for a unique dynamic performance Foldable, and with a high performance frame; that’s why Linky is unique.

Constructed with Carbon fiber for a sleek, responsive ride. Advanced polymers, carefully shaped by our engineers, allow lightness and flexibility while cruising over bumpy roads.

Linky isn’t just about power; it’s about choice, giving riders a fuller experience. Ready for an adrenaline rush? just hit the sport mode and have fun. Want to relax? Cruise mode is perfect for enjoying yourself while surfing on the road. For the tireless city explorers, we even made an eco mode to save on battery life, so you will soon forget the last time you charged your linky.

In the box you will find:

  • 1 pc of Linky Black Carbon deck with red wheels
  • 2 pcs of red wheels [replacement parts]
  • 1 pc of belt [replacement part]
  • 1 pc of standard charger
  • 1 pc of remote controller
  • 1 pc of tooling for maintenance (screw driver etc)

Linky Features