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Jumpack Pro 3 Stage Jump Ramp

Retail - $300

The Jumpack Pro - 3 Stage Jump Ramp.  This is the larger 3 stage 'Pro' edition of Jumpack. Comprising of three complete deck units which can be unfolded 'Transformer' style to deploy the ramp with no requirement for assembly at location. It can be deployed in under 15 seconds by following the deployment instruction procedure included with the packaging.

3 Ramps In One - For Beginners & Pro's!

For younger or inexperienced users, or for situations where huge air is not required, the 'Take-Off' or 'Launch' height can be adjusted quickly and easily by simply removing the upper deck sections by adjusting a single Allen key bolt.

Anti-Slip Design

Our Patented 'Limpet' Anti-Slip System will ensure that your Jumpack stays exactly where its meant to during use, with no movement or slippage.

Genuinely Portable - Hands Free!

Lightweight at only 13 lbs, Jumpack is designed to go everywhere you go and comes with its own custom backpack for transportation..

Modular Capability

Your ramp is designed to integrate with your friends ramps. Multiple Jumpacks can be connected side by side to form larger trick ramps without the requirement for additional hardware.


One of the key features of the Jumpack is its self-opening Transformer style one-piece design. Once removed from its transportation harness, the ramp can be deployed in under ten seconds. Using our Patented spring loaded central telescopic pivots; the three deck sections click into place automatically as the decks are rotated into position. The legs are auto deployed by gas struts once the decks are in the locked position.