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Globber 3 Wheel Replacement Scooter Handlebar Grip

Retail | $5

Globber 3 Wheel Replacement Scooter Handlebar Grip

Globber Scooters now provides a variety of replacement parts to lengthen the life of the scooter and create a more affordable option than replacing the entire scooter.

Instead of being sold in pairs, Globber allows the customer the ability to replace one grip at a time, as needed. TPR material has proven to be the most comfortable and long-lasting material for handlebar grips. Globber's 3 Wheel Scooter Handlebar Grips will last for years, even through constant use. The grips are a standard size will fit any Globber Scooters 3 Wheel model and a variety of other brands too. Vibrant colors, quality materials and affordable pricing make Globber Scooters a top choice for Scooters and replacement parts. 

Each grip is sold individually - to allow the customer to replace the grips one at a time

Material - TPR is comfortable and long-lasting

Size - Standard, will fit all Globber 3 Wheel Models and a variety of other brands

Grips are guaranteed to fit the below models: 3 Wheel Fixed, 3 Wheel Kick, 3 Wheel Primo, 3 Wheel Adjustable, 3 Wheel Primo Plus, 3 Wheel Elite Folding, 3 Wheel Evo 4-in-1, Evo 5-in-1, 3 Wheel My Free