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Globber 2 Wheel Replacement Brake for Flow Model

Retail | $12

Globber 2 Wheel Replacement Brake for Flow Model

Globber Scooters now provides a variety of replacement parts to lengthen the life of the scooter and create a more affordable option than replacing the entire scooter. Vibrant colors, quality materials and affordable pricing make Globber Scooters a top choice for Scooters and replacement parts. 

The Globber 2 Wheel Replacement Brake is made from heavy-duty flexible plastic and has a thick layer of non-slip material on the inside that makes contact with the wheel. The material presses against the wheel, creating friction and causing the wheel to come to a stop. A non-slick pattern on the top of the brake creates better stopping traction and prevents feet from slipping off. The brake does not come with screws so make sure to keep the screws when replacing. This Globber 2 Wheel Replacement Brake is compatible with only the 2 Wheel Flow model.

This brake is compatible with the following model: 2 Wheel Flow Model

***This brake will not work on previous Globber 2 Wheel Scooter models***