Turnstyle Brands

Dominator Sniper Scooter

Retail - was $139

The Dominator Sniper is the official powerhouse complete scooter that is shooting beyond its competition. Equipped with one of the best compression systems and many other top of the line components, this scooter is the new benchmark for what an amazing scooter should be. Proportionally sized and balanced to accommodate a wider range of riders and skill levels.


Weight - 8.5lbs

Deck - Military Grade 6061 T6 Aluminium - 20.5" long by 4.5" wide

Bars - One Piece HTQ195 Steel Bar - 23" high by 22" wide

Grips - Soft Rubber Compound by District

Fork - HIC Threadless Steel Fork

Wheels - 110mm Aluminium 7 spoke Core Wheels. Manufactured by Chopsticks by Eagle Supply

Clamp - Triple clamp with M6 steel bolts grade 8 steel