Turnstyle Brands

Phoenix Smooth Double Clamp

Retail - $20.00

For the first time ever Phoenix Pro Scooters has a Mini HIC Double Clamp! Modeled after the popular SCS, this Double Clamp features HiTen M8 Allen bolts for worry free tightening. You will have no trouble finding a color to work with your custom build, Black, Red, Bronze and Orange are available for your choosing. 

Included with this Double Clamp is a shim system used to run Standard (31.8mm) bars. If you are using Oversized (34.9mm) remove the shim and you will be good to go. 


Includes shim for Standard (31.8mm)

HiTen M8 Allen Bolts 

Smooth Construction 

Adapting Shim included 

Weight - .20lbs (with bolts and shim)