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Pop Squad Mid-Town Quad Skates - Pink

Retail - $50

Pop Squad Roller Skates is a classic Quad Skate, High-Top Canvas Shoe modeled after your child's favorite pair of shoes. The PP chassis and trucks are strong, durable and super lightweight. Lighter skates means that children won’t tire as easily and can skate for hours at the rink with their friends! Full laces pull the children’s foot closer to the wheels, making the roller skates more responsive. A High Top Profile provides extra support and stability and protects little ankles. A wider wheel base creates a sturdy platform for children to skate on but is still easy to maneuver and turn. The PVC wheels and stopper create a solid combination of fast skates wit safe and reliable braking. In a range of awesome, classic colors this brand will make you feel free to cruise around in the park or at the local roller rink! 


• HIGH TOP CANVAS SHOE: for maximum comfort

• LIGHTWEIGHT: perfect for kids who want to skate for hours

• FULLY LACE UP: to pull the feet closer to the chassis making them more responsive 

• WHEEL SIZE: 54x32mm PVC Wheels

• BEARINGS: 608z Street Bearings

• BRAKES: PVC Stopper for safe and reliable braking

• SIZES: US 1 – 7

• AVAILABLE IN: 3 colors, Black, Pink and Blue